Dagger Leaf

Pinot Noir

Nature and
in Balance

The Willamette Valley

Oregon gives us world-class Pinot Noir. Its mild climate makes delightful wines of bright, light ruby color and delicate structure. Our fruit is sourced from the Willamette Valley, a distinct and rugged climate nestled along the Cascade Mountain Range, formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. Here, vineyards are ideally located to take advantage of the Pacific Ocean's warm current, cool breezes and soil made up of marine sediment and iron-laced volcanic remnants, creating a truly unique terroir.

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The Dagger Leaf Rush

Juncus Ensifolius

Oregon has over 3,600 species of native plants, but one vine that it is most known for – Pinot Noir, with over 30,000 acres of grapes planted. This expressive wine is from the cooler microclimate of the Willamette Valley, where the grape is naturally suited, much like the wetland-loving Dagger Leaf Rush, to which lends its name to this wine.

The Latin name of Juncus Ensifolius literally means sword leaf and is named after the flat pointed leaves that emerge from the stem of the plant. Like Pinot Noir, this hearty plant thrives in the cool Willamette Valley climate, and can be found as far North as Alaska. Learn About the Wine »

2016 Dagger Leaf, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

2016 Pinot Noir,
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Artfully crafted by our team of award-winning winemakers to bring together the truest expression of the varietal in an elegant balance of Nature and Winemaking. This wine is a classic example of everything a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir should be with aromas and flavors of red berry and vanilla accented by baking spices on a soft lingering finish. Dagger Leaf Pinot Noir is a versatile and food-friendly wine designed for everyday enjoyment.

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